Here you find media entries authored or co-authored by me about the research conducted in DIVERGE

Social Ulighed Sidder - også - i Generne

(Social Inequality is - also - in our Genes)

Highly skilled journalist Eva Emborg Bejder interviewed me for this article. In this article I explain ways in which genetic sensitivity matter

for social inequality and discusses the societal implications of these new findings.


This media entry was published in Kristeligt Dagblad on 04/28/2017. Kristeligt Dagblad is one of the major newspapers in Denmark targeted the general public. Link to Entry

Arv via Miljø - Ny Forskning 

(Nature via Nurture - New Research)


In this national television news feature I present DIVERGE and explain the implications of this new area of research.


This media entry was broadcasted in DR2 Dagen on 02/18/2017. DR2-Dagen is among Danish national television’s most viewed news outlets.

No link available.

Ny Genforskning Udfordrer Synet på Social Arv

(New Gene Research Challenge the View of Social Heritage)

Together with experienced journalist Jonathan Tybjerg who authored this article, I report on new frontiers in nature via nurture research by explaining how the social factors such as children’s family environment interacts with genetic predispositions in children’s health outcomes.

I also comment on how this line of research is relevant for policy.


This media entry was published in Ugebrevet A4 on 02/16/2017. Ugebrevet A4 is the primary Danish media outlet reporting current-state-of-the-art research to policymakers. Link to entry.